My wife and I do a lot of walking. We blame it on our dog Roxy when we do.

“Walkies!” we say.


Sometimes, I will jingle the leash and Roxy will come running. Well, she doesn’t run anymore. She kind of strolls toward the front door. Truth is, my wife and I actually like to get outside, see our neighbors, and breathe some fresh air.

So there we were at my daughter’s house in the SF, feeling lazy. The weather was grand outside, so we decided on a walk with no dog. With cell phone in hand and track shoes tied, we walked out into the city.

Walking is pretty common in SF too, as you can imagine. Frankly, there is no better way to explore the City by the Bay than walking around it’s unique neighborhoods on foot. Whether you’re exploring shopper-friendly Union Square, Famous Chinatown, the skyscrapers of the Financial District, or the Golden Gate Bridge, SF is a walkers paradise.

In SF, everyone is out walking their dogs, going to the market, or doing errands during the day. That’s how people get around in the city. 20130706-195655.jpg

Here’s what I saw.

The city scape is quite a sight in SF. So many buildings and homes and bridges.

It always feels like a vacation when we visit SF.