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One of my passions in life is writing for children. The itch to write started when I was in college taking classes to become a teacher. I decided that I wanted to do a bit of writing for myself. Up to that point I’d written a lot of lessons, papers, and done exercises, but for teachers and classes. That was when the words started flowing and the genre was children’s literature.

Many years later, I find myself writing fiction for children. Now I have a blog and website, a pen-name, a few books to my credit, and even a few speaking engagements. There’s nothing quite like writing for children because most young children love to read. Reading is just part of what you do when you’re growing up. The other thrill about writing for children is that kids love unusual stories and wacky characters.

My newest story is called Dot and Scribble Fall into AdventurePicture 2A final

Hudson rubbed his eyes and looked again at the strange looking stick girl, who definitely was not his mother. Then he looked at his hands—gloves. He stretched out his long arms and clumsy legs through the branches and leaves. He had landed in a tree. Hudson grabbed for anything and held on.

The realization hit him. Somehow, he’d fallen into his own picture. But who was he? What was he?

“You come down here right now, Scribble,” the stick girl ordered.

“Did you just call me Scribble?” Hudson asked.

“Yes, I called you Scribble, and my name is Dot.”

“No way.”

Dot stomped her foot. “You come down, this instant.”

Hudson, now Scribble, shook his head. Was he really a stick boy up a tree? Was he really about to take orders from a bossy stick girl named Dot?

“I’m not gonna fall,” he said.

“I’m warning you.”

“I’m fine,” Scribble said, lifting up his hands.

The next few moments happened too fast for him to react. First, he heard the crack of the limb, and then he was falling to meet the ground.



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