photoRecently, I made the decision to do some dog sitting. I went to a site called, filled out a profile, got a review, and the rest is history as they say. I just finished my first job with a dog named Kira. We had a great time walking and playing fetch. Kira turned out to be everything that my present dog isn’t. What a contrast! Roxy doesn’t play fetch. Kira would play fetch for hours. Roxy lays around all day–especially after a walk. Kira is never idle. And the list goes on. Of course this made me think about the dog in my current story, Dot and Scribble Fall into Adventure.

I named the dog Boon in my story and let’s just say Boon is a lot like Kira: lively, carefree, and always alert. Here’s an excerpt from the story.

Then Scribble felt something wet on his hand. He was afraid to look down, but he did. A stick dog with huge ears and a fuzzy line for a tail stared back at him.

“Does he bite?” Scribble asked, pulling away. The dog knocked Scribble over, bit his arm, and slobbered all over him.

“Of course he bites,” Dot said.

“Stop it,” Scribble said.

“Now you’re both dirty,” Dot fussed.

“Get this mutt off me.”

“His name is Boon, silly. Maybe if you were nice to our dog, he wouldn’t bite you, but I doubt it. He knows you too well.”

“Okay, Boon.” Scribble patted the dog. “How was that?” Boon jumped on Scribble again, covering him with more mud.“I think Boon needs a little adventure.”

Dot pushed the dog away.“We have all the adventure we need right here,” Dot said.

“Is that so?”

Scribble felt something latch onto his foot. He looked down at Boon who had his foot in his mouth. “Hey! Boon took my foot. Give me that, you crazy dog.”

He took off after the dog, running like a peg-leg pirate. He heard Dot sigh behind him, but he was already on his way.