photo 5 (8) Yesterday, I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with the family. If you’ve never been there, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The Boardwalk is really a fun place to visit. There are so many activities to do within a small radius. You can go on rides, play mini-golf, climb a rock wall, do more rides, and then there’s the beach, which is where I tested fate. I brought my suit, of course, so I had no excuses. My wife encouraged me to take a dip.

“Sure,” I said. “Maybe later.”

“I dare you to swim out to the buoy.”

I love a dare. Without too much thinking, I waded into the water, and began my swim. Halfway out to the buoy, I was breathing hard, but I had set my goal. After a few more minutes, I reached the buoy and held on to it for dear life. Realizing that even the life guard wasn’t going to come out and save me, I headed back.

After about 15 minutes of swimming, I arrived back to cheering fans and applause. Not really. My wife smiled at me and handed me a towel while Clay and his friend ate snacks and played football.

“Good job, honey, you did it.”photo 2 (21)

I plopped down and took a well deserved rest. Of course, I got to brag for the rest of the day about my 1 (26)

I’m sure you can relate. We’ve all been challenged to do things that require tests of our abilities. Now that I’ve shared about my exploits, tell me about your most recent challenge. Did you heed the call for bravery and jump into the waters of adventure or did you stay on the beach in the safety of your beach blanket?

I dare you to tell your story.