If I gave you a piece of paper and told you to paint me a picture of a place you wanted to visit, what would you draw or paint? Perhaps you’d paint a landscape of an ocean scene. Maybe you’d paint some trees or a beach. You’d probably paint something peaceful and serene.Picture 1a

In my soon to be released book, Dot and Scribble Fall into Adventure, the inciting incident involves a character named Hudson painting or drawing an adventure scene. Here’s an excerpt.

Hudson hunched over his desktop and stared at the blank sheet again. He gripped his pencil and leaned over the desk surface as if he were about to dive into the picture. He was ready to create.

With long strokes, he drew the outline of a lake and a mountain with two peaks. He picked the higher mountain peak and drew a castle made of stones. Then he connected the castle to the lake with a winding path. After filling in the landscape with trees, he pulled back from his picture and nodded his head.

The book on medieval history sat propped opened against the wall near Hudson’s stacks of books. He had books on every subject: space, animals, geography, the world wars, and many more; but his current favorite was the book with pictures of knights, dragons, and mysterious castles.

His grandfather, whose desk he sat at, would have been proud of all the reading he’d done on the Middle Ages that week. The current chapter displayed a picture of a typical 11th century scene. Serfs performed their daily duties in one section, working crops and selling goods, while knights trained with weapons in another section.