Who doesn’t like the thought of summer vacation?

Relax, read a book, sip an iced-tea. Ahhhh! Just the thought of summer feels me with such peace. But that wears off. Honestly, I can only sit around so long before I get bored. Kids are the same way. It is important to plan their summer vacation or offer suggestions. For most families, summer can be a chance for some needed downtime, but it can also cause kids to use the “B” word.

Of course I have my own personal goals, but there is always time for more fun.

Bored? Here’s a list of ideas. Some are good idea-provokers, and others are just for fun! Let me know what you think and would add.

  • Workout
  • Create a web-site
  • Write out your idea for a business (List a problem and offer solutions)
  • Create your own “get rich” scheme
  • Sell stuff on eBay
  • Create a costume
  • Read a good book
  • Draw a picture or take up painting
  • Find a food recipe online and try to make it
  • Make dinner for your family once a week
  • Set up a server and share your files
  • Learn a new operating system like Linux
  • Create a program in the language of your choice, then sell it to friends you know
  • Learn to play guitar
  • Learn to play drums
  • Join a sport
  • Exercise daily
  • Dye your hair and style it into something cool
  • Start your own message board and make a feeble attempt to top popular internet forums
  • Create a flash animation and submit it to random flash websites
  • Go to cafepress.com and design your own t-shirts and coffee mugs, then sell them
  • Get a job and work 50 hours a week. Yuck! I will be working this summer.
  • Build a radio
  • Write a book
  • Build a fort
  • Buy a science kit and use it
  • Make a movie with your digital camcorder
  • Buy a HUGE Lego set and attempt to build something (a lot of them have step by step guides)
  • Redesign your room
  • Create your own music. Obtain music creation software and put your work on your web site for all your friends to listen to
  • Golf