image.jpegI did an assembly today at Achiever Christian School in San Jose to promote my book Stink Bomb. I want to say thank you to Julie Brown, the Principal of Achiever, and to all the teachers for making my morning so exciting. Thanks to all the coordinators who made the morning possible too.

When I do assemblies, I’m always struck by crowd dynamics. The ebb and flow of laughter, yelling, chatting, and silence is something I don’t pretend to understand completely. But I’m learning. Let’s face it, kids can be unpredictable. There are always those kids that shoot their hands up and want to participate and those who are happy to sit and listen. Some kids are up on their feet cheering when given the opportunity. I love enthusiasm and unbridled joy.image.jpeg

At today’s assembly, I started with a short talk about heroes. After all, books and movies are all about heroes. I had four costumes for them to wear. It was great! We had a Jedi, Batgirl, Dash from the Incredible, and Kind David. Kids shared about the character qualities of each hero. After that, I shared about the hero in my book Stink Bomb. Then, I finished the talk off with a short reading, which was followed by applause. What a great crowd!image.jpeg

I have to admit that I put a lot of time into what I’m going to say to kids. And it paid off today. I start by tailoring my speech to the type of school. At times, coordinators want a specific thing taught or emphasized. Other schools will let you share on your own topics. But once you get on stage, you might as well throw your prepared remarks away. At assemblies, you have to be in the moment.