imagesYesterday was my birthday. Can you believe it? I joined the 49er club. I started the day substitute teaching. It seemed fitting since I’m a teacher. I finished the day with a splendid party hosted by a precious family named the Roats. We had great food, lively conversation, and of course a chocolate cheesecake. So good! I even got some great cards and gifts. I love presents.

I love kind words too. My wife knows this and shared some sweet things about my qualities as a father and husband. A few friends chimed in. Brave. Honorable. Helpful. Always available. It feels great to be honored and loved. Then it was time for the cake.

As I stood there preparing to blow out the candles, I realized I was on the cusp of becoming 50. It made me stop and think. There I was with birthday well wishers singing the Happy Birthday song and I was thinking about my age. Crazy! The song ended, and well, I was so deep in thought that I forgot to blow out the candles. Weird… Maybe a senior moment…Maybe I just wanted the moment to last.

I looked around at everyone. Everyone stood waiting and looked at me. I said, “I’m standing on the edge of becoming 50. It’s time to blow out the candles isn’t it? I almost forgot.”

Then, I took a step toward 50. Ready or not, here it comes. I blew the candles out and stepped into 50.