I recently finished a draft of a story. I use the word finished loosely because my story, Sucked into Cyberspace, hasn’t been edited by a professional yet. Still, I’m ready to start submitting my little novella to a few small press publishers in hopes that they will appreciate the book concept and partner to work with me. I say small press because only a small press will take an unsolicited manuscript. If you’re a writer, you know that this means writing a synopsis and a query letter. What a joy! Writing a hook, synopsis, and a short biography is typically what writers think of when they put together a query letter. This is the final test of your stamina as a writer. All the hard work of crafting your initial story, cutting and rewriting paragraphs, and those countless hours stringing together scenes is finished. I’ve read silently, read aloud, worked with a critique group, and now it’s ready for the eyes of a publisher. In contrast to all the words that make up a great manuscript is the simplicity of a short query letter. A snapshot of you and your novel is the goal. How anti-climatic after the high word count of a novel! But that’s writing fiction for you. 

Here is my hook and synopsis for Sucked into Cyberspace. Let me know what you think?

I’d like to offer my 31,600 middle grade novel, Sucked into Cyberspace, for your consideration. I’ve attached chapter one for your review.

How far would you go to rescue a loved one who suddenly disappeared?

Against hope and in search of his missing father, eleven-year-old Bryson changes his name to Devon Riley and returns to the place where his father, Kirk, was last seen, Caldecott Preparatory or CPU. Devon finds challenging classes at this technology school, a game called VOLT or Virtual Laser Tag, and clues about Kirk’s disappearance. He also discovers the Vector virus, a robot planted in the school’s virtual network by someone at the school. While trying to uncover clues about Kirk’s disappearance, Devon, Mina and Marcello are transported into VOLT by Kirk’s abductor. They battle against Vector and are captured. Devon then discovers that his father is the commander of a splinter group of soldiers waging war against Vector. Kirk rescues Devon and his friends from Vector’s clutches. Sadly, Devon isn’t reunited with his father because he is transported from cyberspace to the real world where he discovers who his father’s abductor is.

My name is Rick Crawford a.k.a. Ricky Bruce, and I am a children’s book writer from San Jose, California. My passion is writing children’s fiction chapter books for ages 6-12.
Recently, I self-published a book about a kindergartner’s first day in school, called Ricky Robinson Braveheart. Following the publication of this book, I received a contract to publish a book I wrote called Stink Bomb, which is available on my blog A Writer’s Diary and online. In addition to writing chapter books, I blog weekly at http://www.rickybruce.com. This blog, A Writer’s Diary, showcases my books and provides information for authors.