SJ_Christian_Assembly (2)I’m doing a book signing in less than a month. Yikes! It’s time to get ready. Here are some tips.

6. If possible, bring an assistant. Your assistant can be a friend or family member, or someone you hire for the event. The assistant can help turn the pages for customers when you’re ready to sign books, hand out bookmarks and freebies, and replenish displays as books and giveaways dwindle. He or she can ask visitors to sign a mailing list for future promotions too.

7. Practice your reading out loud well in advance of the book signing. Record your reading and note areas where changing or your voice requires modification. Practice your reading in a mirror. Become familiar enough with your reading to make eye contact with your audience at your event.

8. Prepare a list of interview questions and give to your bookstore contact. If there is a lull in the reading/signing event, ask her to interject a few questions to stir some audience interest and participation.

9. Prepare a short list of questions to ask your audience. Who among them are writers? Has anyone been published? Nothing evokes interest in participation like talking about oneself!

10. Bring a water. Sip water frequently before and during the reading/signing.