I’m doing a book signing in a few weeks at a local private school. The day after that, I’ll be at BookSmart in Morgan Hill. Please come and buy a book. Book signings are exciting for authors, but book buyers may need a little push to purchase your newest novel. Here are some free ways to create buzz and help with book sales.

1. Scan your book cover and use this scan in a variety of ways. Turn the scan into bookmarks or cards.

2. If your publisher will release extra book covers, turn these into giveaways at no cost to you. Cut the front cover, sign it, and laminate.

3. Keep a loaded camera at your table. If someone seems particularly interested in you and your book, ask your assistant to snap a photo of you together. Be sure to get an address and mail a copy of the photo.

4. Do you have a web site, blog, or do you publish a newsletter pertaining to your work? Pass out business cards inviting readers to visit the site or sign up for the newsletter.

5. People love lists. Create a list that pertains to your book and print it on card stock. My book is about insects. I could publish a list of backyard bugs.

6. Host a contest or drawing. Invite guests to put their name in a box and donate a book as a prize or draw a name and give away a prize.