You’ve achieved the goal of getting your book published. So now what? It’s time to line up some events and do book signings. I have done two events this year already at local schools. These events involved sharing about writing and book signings. It’s great fun, but you need to be prepared. Whether you are at a book store or a school, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Stink Bomb

Stink Bomb

1. Have a conversation with the manager or owner of the bookstore where your signing will take place well in advance of the event. Determine what type of promotion the bookstore will do on your behalf. For my upcoming book signing, I sent book signing flyer or posters. These will be displayed on the window of the bookstore. Advertising in a local paper and online will also help bring in more traffic for the event.

photo2. Bring giveaways to your signing. These items don’t have to be expensive, but should pertain to the book or its theme. People love events where they get something for nothing. A bookmark, pin, or other small item is a reminder of the event. Even if all attendees don’t purchase books, this item may cause them to spread the word about your book at a later date.

3. Bring Stink Bomb flyer current List all published titles and information about where books can be purchased. I have a flyer with a picture of my book, my bio, and contact information.

4. Bring a variety of fine-tipped black markers or ball point pens. Practice what you’ll write. If a reader doesn’t ask for something particular to be inscribed, it’s fun to have something clever to add to your signature when signing your books.

5. Be prepared to talk and share about your book. Pick a chapter or section to read from your book or bring along a few dialogue starters. It’s always more fun when a book signing becomes a dialogue with the audience.