Can you believe it! I’m almost done with a middle grade manuscript. Since I wasn’t making any progress on a short book that I was writing, I laid it aside and picked another writing project up, dusted it off, and started the editing process. This is why it’s a good idea to have a few writing projects in the works. At times, most writers will reach a stopping point and need a distraction.

My current book is called Sucked into Cyberspace. It is written for middle grades. The story takes place at a computer technology school in the future. The story is a mystery written from a 6th grader’s point of view. The story is focused around the character’s desire to find his father who has disappeared. At the school, Devon, the main character, confronts a computer virus in the virtual reality game called VOLT for Virtual Laser Tag.

One of the inspirations for the book came from all the new virtual gear about to enter the market like Oculus Rift. I am so pumped to see what Facebook does with this emerging technology.

What do you think virtual reality will look like in the next five years?