I’m in one of those strange phases now when I’m done with a draft of a manuscript, and I’m having pictures drawn for another writing project. You’d be surprised how hard it is to not think about writing. I’m also doing a bit of book promotion for a published story. To tell you the truth, I don’t handle rest and inactivity very well. I do much better when I have chapters in front of me that need to be edited or written. Deep down, I know this is a season. It will pass.

Consider the words of these writers.

“And in the fall, the cold would wither that which was known, scattering new seed. In the spring, that which had been sleeping awoke and a new season of beauty began. For Life seeks life and builds a bridge across the darkest valley.”
― David Paul KirkpatrickThe Address Of Happiness
“We all know that if the seasons were the same, there would be no growth. We know that without winter there would be no spring. We know that without frosts there would be no bulbs and without the monsoon there would be no rice harvest. In the same way, we also know that without sorrow there would be no joy. Without pain there would be no healing. I think that’s precisely where the beauty comes in. It comes in through the fruit of the seasons. He has indeed made everything beautiful in its time.”
― Naomi ReedMy Seventh Monsoon: A Himalayan Journey Of Faith And Mission