dot and scribble on a ledgeI’m excited to announce that I will be publishing a new story called Dot and Scribble Fall into Adventure. I just got the manuscript back from my editor and I’m going to move forward with it. Hopefully, the story will be picked up by a publisher that I submitted it to, but if not, I will self publish through CreateSpace. I’m looking forward to the adventure.

Here’s a summary of my story.

“Hudson wants to add color to his picture, but Grandfather’s pen makes his medieval drawing come to life and transforms Hudson into one of the characters. Hudson, now Scribble, teams up with Dot, a character from his drawing, and travels to a castle to get the Key to Adventure. After helping a knight named Lance defeat the Dark Knight, they arrive at the castle, but find it protected by a dragon. Dot and Scribble tame the dragon, find the Key to Adventure and use it to open a door seconds before the dragon and the Dark Knight destroy the castle.”