SJ_Christian_Assembly (2)Well, I did it. I got out there to promote my book, Stink Bomb.

On Thursday, January 16th, my writing partner and I did our first book promotion assembly at San Jose Christian School in San Jose, California.

The preparation took hours. The emotional build up and anxiety may have taken days off my life, but I did it. The best part about the event, aside from sharing about the writing process with kids of all ages was that we sold books.

The topic we keyed in on involved challenges. Marie Sontag and I played a game called the Challenge to hook the crowd. Kids came up to perform a challenge like singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and of course we gave them a prize. After the game, we focused in on how challenging writing can be. The students responded so well. We had four points: Be a reader, show effort, make a plan, and share your writing.

Marie and I followed this with a quick description of our books, The Bronze Dagger, Stink Bomb, and Ricky Robinson Braveheart. We took a few questions and then the book sales began. We signed copies our books and talked with the students.

What a blast!

The librarian at the school, Uli Meyer coordinated the event and did a phenomenal job of making sure kids had brought money to buy books. Thanks Uli for all the help. Also, thanks to Dave Intlekofer, the principal for the warm reception.