And then suddenly, there’s a new edition of Stink Bomb

Over the break, I worked with my new publisher, Sunbury Press, to redo and rework my book just in time for an assembly I have scheduled. I didn’t think it was possible to complete a new edition, but thanks to Lawrance Korr, Stink Bomb is available as an e-book and in print. The cover is the same, but the inside of the book looks much better than the original.

Stink Bomb is about a bug named Grub who wakes up to a beautiful spring day and discovers that he has changed into a beetle. He soon discovers that his home Riverbank has changed too. It’s been invaded by a pack of no good wolf spiders led by Arac and Nid. It seems clear to Grub and the insects of Riverbank what must be done. They must call for Stink Bomb.

This book is suitable for ages 7-11.

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Stink Bomb

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Sunbury Press – Paperback

Barnes and Noble – Nook

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