butterflies flower hillThe reviews are in for Stink Bomb. It’s always great to know what people think of your book. Whether they come on Amazon or through emails, reviews help drive book sales and help authors determine how to target book promotional efforts.

Amazon reviews:

Marshie Girl wrote-
I love the descriptive and flowery language of this book.The author made the characters and scenes come to life.

Marie Sontag wrote-
Stink Bomb makes me laugh every time I read it. From his banter with enemy spiders to words of encouragement for victimized bugs, Stink Bomb makes the ultimate bug superhero. Stink Bomb can blast the enemy out of the sky with a stink torpedo. Of course, some of the bugs he rescues don’t show much appreciation.

“Was that you?” the beetle asked. “Maybe you need to lay off the dung.”

“Remember, that smell just saved your life,” Stink Bomb said.

Most of the creatures in Riverbank, however, appreciate Stink Bomb’s heroics even if they have to put up with his smell. Readers experience the adventure of Riverbank through the eyes of a beetle named Grub. Like the story’s creatures who experience the changes brought on by spring, Grub finds himself changing from an intimidated, frightened beetle into a risk-taking sidekick. Grub risks his life in order to help save his hero and save Riverbank from the control of the evil spiders. In the end Grub discovers … (oh, you didn’t think I’d tell you the end, did you?) Obviously, I really enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it for young readers. I can’t wait to read it with my future grandkids!

Paula Holland wrote-
Stink Bomb is a fun and adventurous story about a young beetle named Grub who along with his other insect neighbors, experiences an invasion of nasty wolf spiders that invade their home on Riverbank. The author does a great job of capturing the characteristics of the villainous spiders and cleverly demonstrates a wonderful message of friends and neighbors rallying together to save their home from invaders. When the namesake of the book, Stink Bomb, shows up, the action and fun really begin at the expense of the enemy spiders.

This book is perfect for bedtime reading. For kids who have a natural fondness for bugs and insects, this book will especially be a treat!


Hi Rick,

I wanted you to know that I have finished reading your book.  I think it will appeal to young readers, especially boys.  I enjoyed your vivid descriptions of Riverbank and its inhabitants.

Carol Von Borstel


My daughter really liked it!

Robert Swander