20131123-115735.jpgLet’s face it, most authors want to land a big book deal and sell a lot of books. What author doesn’t want success? Still, I keep reminding myself that like the writing process, selling books is a step by step process. It takes time to develop your brand. There isn’t a lot of instant gratification in the world of writing and publishing. Like catching a big fish or a lot of little fishies, it takes skill, hard work, and a little luck.

What keeps me pushing forward? Well, when I’m out fishing, my motivation is hard to explain. In the world of bass fishing, past success breeds confidence. I’ve caught so many fish that I know my next big fish could suddenly appear. Time on the water always produces success if you’re using the right bait, fishing in the correct spot,  and you’re using the right technique. You can’t catch a fish if your aren’t fishing though. 10% of fisherman catch 90% of the fish because those fisherman are out on the water more.

Book promotion is similar. Like any type of sales, you have to get out there with the right product, contact the people you know, and communicate how great your product is. Then, quite suddenly, your golden moment happens and you start reeling. But what really keeps me moving forward with book promotion is the thought of thousands of children reading my stories and raving about one of their favorite authors. Isn’t that what we want as authors?