What causes people you know to read a new book? What motivates your children to buy a book or want to read? Some people love to read and do it regularly. Others find it a struggle to want to pick up a book and read. What type of person are you? Why is reading so important? We say reading is crucial, but what is it about reading that makes it a necessary habit or hobby? I’m sure you have pondered questions like these at one time or another. When we talk about reading, we often talk about motivation. We often forget to talk about the benefits.

What are the benefits of reading? Let’s dig deeper.

Enhanced IntelligenceReading helps in almost every area of intelligence.

Reading reduces stress: When I’m reading a book, my mind shifts gears. Where I might have a had a stressful day, a book can easily distract me and reduce my stress level.

Improved analytical thinking: Analytical thinking is boosted by reading. Readers improve their general knowledge, and more importantly are able to spot patterns quicker.

Increased vocabulary: It’s no secret that reading increases your vocabulary and improves your spelling, but did you know that reading increases your vocabulary more than talking or direct teaching?

Improved writing skills: Reading improves vocabulary and critical thinking. I feel like a better writer, as I’m constantly surrounding myself with works from people who are better than me. The more you read, the better of a writer you’ll become.