Stink Bomb posingBefore you write a book, you have to make the commitment to put in time with book promotion. Straight up, every author has to do this. Naturally, this requires a different skill set than most authors have. I am not a natural at marketing or selling myself or my books, but I have decided to put my best foot forward in this area.

You’ll be happy to know that I have visited a few book stores, sold a few books through my blog and Facebook, and have made some calls to local schools. They say you sell one book at a time so that is my goal.

What I’ve learned so far is that you have to believe in your product. I’m excited because my book turned out very well. The writing is solid. Kids are going to love reading it. You also have to have your pitch memorized and ready to spit out.

Today I had the opportunity to pitch my book to a book retailer in Morgan Hill. With a copy of Stink Bomb in hand, and my new book announcement underneath, I embraced the fear and shared all about my new book. It felt great to show off Stink Bomb to someone who had the potential to help get the word out.

All of a sudden, the kind owner was looking my book up on Ingram and talking about reading my book. She also mentioned a possible book signing in January. Woo hoo!

Then it occurred to me, this had to be my goal. If I can make one connection, sell one copy, or set up a book signing every few days, this book could go somewhere.

Stink Bomb is the bomb!