Stink Bomb posingMy book was due to come out mid-October, but there was a delay. No worries. Deadlines are there to keep everyone moving forward. And the publication of my book Stink Bomb is moving forward.

Well, my publisher Auntie M Children’s Books Publishing sent me an email letting me know that the books have arrived and orders are being filled. Game on. It’s time to sell some books.

If you’d like to order my book, now is the time. It is a children’s chapter book written for ages 7-12. It would make a great gift for a boy or girl reader. I would be grateful if you bought a book.

What else can I tell you about the book. It is filled with great pictures, it has a riveting plot, and lots of bugs. Here is what’s on the book jacket.

When a group of wolf spiders invades Grub’s home in Riverbank, he and his bug friends send out the call for Stink Bomb, the most fearsome insect superhero known to the world. But there’s something mysterious about Stink Bomb, and Grub is determined to know what it is. This adventurous superhero story is a must for anyone who hates spiders, loves bugs, and demands justice.