Stink Bomb posingCharacters change in the books that we write. Character development is an important part of any work of fiction, but how do we change? Put another way, how are you different because of your writing?

This thought occurred to me after re-reading the opening scene from my new book Stink Bomb.

I can truly say that I am not the same writer, blogger, or thinker because of this book. Like my main character, I’ve changed. Have you? Read the opening of my story and consider the metamorphosis you’ve gone through because of what you’ve written.

Grub heard the sounds of spring as he peered up through the sticks and leaves. It looked like a beautiful day, but Grub knew better, and so did everybody else. Riverbank had been invaded, and he was powerless to do anything about it.

A perky yellow and black lark flew the width of the river and landed on a budding willow tree. The notes of her song danced in the air around her. “Tweet, tweet, chirp!”

The song beckoned him, and Grub crawled up through the sticks, sniffing at the air as a breeze caressed his new shell. He took stock of his surroundings. Although Grub wanted to embrace the beauty of the day, something didn’t feel right.

“I smell trouble,” he said sniffing at the air with his antennae.

Out of the corner of his eye, Grub saw his neighbor, Centipede, dart through the leaves. Her hard, golden skin gleamed in the sun as she twisted over and under leaves like a snake.

“Oh, it’s only you.” Grub said, relieved.

“Silly Grub,” Centipede said, her antennae curling tighter with every movement. “I mean you no harm. Why so frightened?”

“I thought you were a spider.”

“Spiders. Creepy subject.” Centipede squirmed around Grub and took a long look at him.

“Didn’t you know it’s impolite to stare?” Grub said as he looked back at Centipede ignoring his own words. He made his eyes bulge for effect.

“But you’ve changed.”

“Of course I’ve changed,” Grub replied with pride. “It’s spring. Everything changes.”

“Hardly recognized you,” Centipede continued.

“I’m a beetle now.” Grub stood up proudly so Centipede could get a good look at him. It was official; his long leathery body had morphed into the form of a hard-shelled beetle.