butterflies flower hillAs Grub flew through the lower part of Flower Hill, an enchanted feeling overwhelmed him. The flowers ignited a passion within him. He couldn’t believe the spiders would go so far as to invade the pride of Riverbank like that, but he came upon the hill and hovered in midair with a start.

Webs dotted the landscape of Flower Hill like dandelion balls on a weedy hillside. Some hung from the petals of flowers. Other webs stretched from flower to flower like vines in a jungle. The evil ornaments littered Flower Hill as far as Grub could see.

Butterflies danced across the sky as if possessed by an angry wind. Their home and source of food had been sabotaged.

As sudden as the webs appeared, Grub saw a blurry yellow and black streak fly across the sky. Stink Bomb had arrived.

“So much for camouflage,” Grub said.

Stink Bomb aimed and fired at the nearest spider. His stink torpedo flew through the air like a meteor in search of a solid landing. The ball of gas found its target easily. Grub marveled at the gruesomeness of his hero’s weapon. Nothing could stand against the ruthless gas bomb. The only response was retreat.

Smelly and bruised, the spider scurried away.

“Rascal!” Stink Bomb hollered and struck a pose. “The bullying stops here, spiders,” he shouted.