Stink Bomb Grub climbed up past the sticks and leaves until he stood atop the Fallen Leaf. Not far from where he stood, he saw a movement in the leaves. Was it Centipede? He couldn’t be too sure.

The leaves and twigs near Grub began to rustle. Then, as if alive, debris scattered in every direction like spewing lava from a volcano. Grub moved back behind a downed limb to watch, just in case it was a spider.

A figure emerged from the leaf pile. Grub couldn’t believe his eyes. The depths of the earth had given birth to something. Could it be Stink Bomb, so close to where he lived?

The creature stood tall for a beetle, his shell gleaming in the light. He was black and yellow, in a pattern Grub had never seen in all of his years in Riverbank. Stink Bomb looked around, tilted his head, and struck a pose. The incoming signal had reached him, and Stink Bomb stood ready.

“Don’t fear, Stink Bomb is here to protect the helpless,” he proclaimed, as his wings opened.