In the books that you’ve read lately, who are your favorite characters? What names come to mind?
I’m a children’s writer so my list is a little skewed toward children’s literature, but here it goes.
Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games.
Artemis in the Fowl series.
Santiago in the Alchemist
Hanna Heath in People of the Book
Gabriel Allon in Daniel Silva’s thrillers

What makes these characters stand out?
In a word, they are larger than life. For the next few posts, let’s explore what makes great fiction characters.

These characters all possess a quality that make us readers want to know more about them. Everyone knows that Katniss was willing to lay down her life for her little sister. That’s a rare quality. Artemis is way too smart for his own good. A boy genius with a heart. Hanna Heath is a loner with a passion for her work. She will do what ever it takes to unlock the mystery of an ancient manuscript risking life and limb. The we come to Gabriel. He’s an art restorer by day, but when called upon he does a bit of espionage for his country, Israel.
Well, there we are. What are some of your favorite characters? And what makes them so memorable?