I really enjoy the writing life, but at times, writer’s can get into ruts. We all go through writer’s block of some type. Admit it, writing takes discipline and at times, you’d rather procrastinate on that book or story. Well, I’ve developed a new routine that can help.

Find a different writing location and on a different device. This may sound ridiculously easy, but it has worked for me and Google Drive has helped me push past many a case of writer’s block.

Believe it or not, at times, sitting in front of the computer can work against you as a writer. I often get stuck on books or on certain chapters to the point that every time I approach the writing process, I form a mental block. Then one day, I grabbed my I-Pad and worked on my bed. Just the change of pace and environment helped me get refocused.

I’m just saying. Little things can make a big difference.