My writing has really taken off since I discovered Google Drive.

It seems, Drive is with me everywhere I go. With any computer device, I can take it on the road. Google Drive allows me to write, edit, rewrite, and even comment on my work. I have even started highlighting sections in color to signify completed and needs work.

I started using Drive when a friend from my critique group shared it as a resource for us to use as a group.  The comment feature was just what we needed as a group to keep track of our own thoughts about a story and speak into the writer’s work. Still something inside me resisted using it as a pure writing resource.

Back in the day, we would send Word documents and then exchange them with comments when we gathered. Now, comments are in real-time. It’s awesome!

Using it to write has even more advantages. I can remember writing, backing up my piece and saving an additional copy. When I worked on a fictional story, I always had to use current version at home. Now, I can write on my PC, smartphone, or I-Pad. Whenever or wherever I’m in the mood to write, Drive is with me. I especially like this feature because at times, I need a change of location and mood.

The experience that pushed me into exclusive use was my version of Word, which is 2010. I downloaded something on my computer that caused it to do this crazy auto shutdown. So I would be working on a story and Word would just shut down for no good reason. Now Word has become a secondary source application.

What is your experience with Google Drive?