Where do you get your writing ideas? What do you do when you the ideas aren’t flowing?

I like to go on walks. Believe it or not, getting some fresh air can’t clear my mind and help me work out my story. I also suggest listening to some inspirational music. Get the heart rate up and you will be a writing machine when you return.

The key is to unlock the creative part of your brain. Another technique I’ve heard about is called the brain drain. Basically, you write for a scheduled amount of time. Let the ideas flow. Eventually, the next great idea will come.

I do a form of this when I write stories. I call it writing my characters into a corner. I ask myself, how can I trap my character? Once they boxed into a situation, I write them out. What fiction characters need are obstacles. When roadblocks are firmly in place, it is the writer’s job to move them to success. It is the process of working with your characters that brings you to great plot twists. You may not keep what you’ve written in your book, but it will help you better understand your characters.