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Thea Atkinson

Last post on villains was so successful, gaining lots of attention and folks letting me know how much they enjoyed it, that when Deb Nam-Krane offered to do another, I said, “Absolutely.” No lie. So welcome her with  her own take on writing villains; I promise you, it’s good. Leave her tons of commentary to chew over.

SmartestGirlFinalBuilding a better villain

by Deb Nam-Krane

What is a villain? Various dictionaries give different answers: a deliberate criminal or scoundrel; one blamed for a particular evil or difficulty; a character in a story who opposes a hero. My favorite comes from, of all places, Google: a person guilty or capable of a crime or wickedness. Because, when pushed far enough, I think most of the characters I write for are. Depending on how we define “wicked”, Emily, the main character of my book The Smartest Girl in the Room might be accused…

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