Some superheroes acquire their powers through a special event. Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, and he becomes Spider-Man. When Bruce Banner is accidentally exposed to gamma rays, he becomes the Incredible Hulk. The Fantastic Four were all ordinary people until they traveled into space and their ship was bombarded with cosmic rays
Some superheroes are only heroes because of the equipment that they carry. One of DC’s most famous heroes, the Green Lantern, is granted powers through the use of the Green Lantern Ring.

So how does an author invent a superhero? I think a writer must first pick the setting or world where the hero must be heroic. The setting for my book Stink Bomb was a river and the insect world. There’s a few hills, lots of shrubs and weeds, and rows of reeds along the river. My hero is a bombardier beetle. Stink Bomb is born with great abilities to combat enemies. Knowing the setting and the qualities of your hero helps will help you the writer decide on the conflict for the book as well. After all, a superhero must have a villain to fight against. For my story, the antagonists are Arac and Nid–spiders. Once you have the setting and characters, the conflict will work itself out.