The insect world is full of creatures with monumental powers. Take the ant for instance. 

Ants are the strong men of the insect world. An ant can carry up to 20 times its own body weight. To put this in human terms, this would be like a male lifting a car and then having the stamina to carry it into another state without a break. 
In some ant colonies, ants use their own bodies to form bridges and walls.
Some species of ants have stingers and/or poisonous bites powerful enough to kill an adult in a few hours.

The ant isn’t the only creature with incredible powers, but how do you take a bug and transform that creature into a zany superhero. One must delve a little deeper into the world of superheroes.

In the world of superhero fiction, heroes fit into certain categories based on their origin.

One type of superhero has no superhuman abilities or superpowers. Instead, this type of hero relies on some combination of natural ability, both physical and intellectual. Two examples of this type of superhero are Batman and Iron Man. Their respective fortunes enable them to create the tools of the trade they need to assume their crime-fighting personas. 
Another brand of superheroes are heroes born with powers or abilities that set them apart from ordinary humans. In the DC Universe, the most famous superhero of all time, Superman, falls into this category. From the Marvel Universe, the X-Men, including characters like Wolverine, Cyclops and Rogue, are all born with their powers.