Those creepy, crawly bugs can be dangerous. I remember it like it was yesterday, the day I stepped on a bumble-bee. Ouch!

My foot swelled up and I was forever afraid of that rascal the bee. It is only now that I realize that bees provide an essential service to us humans. Forget about honey, pollen and royal jelly. Just think of a world without beans, tomatoes, onions and carrots, not to mention the hundreds of other vegetables, oilseeds and fruits that are dependent upon bees for pollination. And the livestock that are dependent upon bee-pollinated forage plants. No human activity or ingenuity could ever replace the work of bees and yet it is largely taken for granted. It is not realized just how easy it is to help or hinder their effectiveness as crop pollinators nor how much is lost by their loss.

Speaking of bugs, my new book Stink Bomb has a few dangerous insects and arachnids in it. Here’s a quick preview of the book.

When a conniving group of spiders invades the peaceful habitat of Riverbank, Grub and all the insects feel powerless to combat the schemes of the spiders. They call on a superhero of unusual skill to save the day. Armed with an odor fouler than a pile of steaming dung, Stink Bomb is that hero!

Unwilling to wait on the sidelines, Grub finds himself entangled in a fight against predators Arac and Nid, who, along with a gang of spiders, bully the insects around Riverbank. Will Grub be able to help Stink Bomb save the insects of Riverbank?  Will Grub discover the true identity of Stink Bomb?