Let’s face it, we all need to revise. Whether we’re editing a short story or reworking that novel, there is always plenty of editing to do. Writing is really about rewriting and revision.  These revising tips can help.

-Does the plot arc start close enough to the beginning that you won’t lose the reader?

– Does your protagonist alternate between up and down moments?

– Are you able to trace the major plot arcs throughout the book?

– Do you have enough conflict?

– Does the reader see both the best and worst characteristics of your characters?

– Do your characters have backstories? Do these impact the plot?

– Is the pacing correct?

– Is your voice consistent? Is it too chatty or sarcastic?

– Is the tense completely consistent? Is the perspective consistent?

– Is there enough description to help the reader feel grounded in the characters’ world?

– Are momentous events given the weight they deserve?