Here are some great tips on the final edit. She lists some important reasons why you should read your book out-loud before you submit it to an editor.

In the video, she explains the following points:

  • You can find inconsistencies across the story and continuation issues e.g. a character is drinking tea and then coffee, or you’ve described a scene and then you realize it’s night-time.
  • It improves dialogue to hear it spoken out loud. When your characters are actually speaking, you realize they wouldn’t say it quite that way.
  • You find typos and mis-placed words that your brain skipped over when reading on the page.
  • You realise how long some sentences are when you can’t say them without a deep breath in the middle.
  • You can see where punctuation is wrong and where it needs changing.
  • You get a sense of pacing and can check if it is appropriate for the novel e.g. mine is a thriller so needs fast pacing, short sentences
  • You get a sense of how long the podcast novel will be!