Facebook Pages 101

Facebook Pages are different from profiles. You have a profile for you, Jane Doe, but your business can’t have a profile — it can have a Page. A Page is a place to house all the pertinent information about your company. They’re so useful because you can include everything that relates to your business in one place with a built-in potential audience:

– Overview of company
– Website and contact info
– Press releases
– Videos
– Blog RSS
– Twitter updates
– Company news and status
– Customer interaction

One of the major benefits of a Page on Facebook is that it’s so simple to update. With Facebook, updates are as easy as logging in and typing or uploading. The fresher your content, the more you will engage people.

Take a look at my profile page and my Fans of Ricky Bruce page to see the difference. These are the typical ways to communicate with users, but you can also set up an advertising page.

Setting Up Your Page

Once you’ve logged into Facebook, scroll to the bottom and click on Advertising. Then click Pages and Create a Page. Select the type of business you own and start filling in all the details. The more info you add, the better your page will be.


Make sure to include your company logo, any RSS blog feeds that are relevant, videos, images — the whole nine yards. Once you’re satisfied with the Page, publish it, then get ready to dive into promotion.

Enhance Your Page with Apps

You can also enhance your Facebook Page by adding applications to it. Apps add particular functions to your page, such as drawing in your blog’s RSS feed. The Social RSS app is a good example of this or YouTube videos. They are a great way to further engage visitors to your Page and provide them reason to come back.