How to Get to the Top With Your Book

Luckily, we have lots of people to learn from and give us tips on how to succeed. Check out these sites from the book designer.

The New Marketing: Carol White at BAIPA
Getting to the Top of the Charts on Amazon Kindle: Zoe Winters
Self-Publisher With Drive: The Amazing Tania McCartney
How I Sold 10,000 Copies of My Self-Published Book

The Bigger World of Book Marketing

There is so much more to explore about marketing our books, because it strikes to the heart of why we published the books in the first place. Certainly anyone who hopes to profit from their publishing needs to treat it as a business.

As with everything else in this field, each successful self-publisher solves the marketing of their book differently, and often with surprising ingenuity.

Some people drive online traffic with keyword strategies. Others sell books in the back of the room during presentations and workshops. Some authors become social media “celebrities” amassing huge followings, others become experts and spokespeople for their cause.

So don’t be the publisher who ends up with a garage full of books and suddenly realizes she has no idea what to do with them. Think through your plan as early in the process as you can. Identify your ideal readers and how you can reach them. That is the beginning of marketing your self-published book.