Now that I’ve written a book, it’s time to market my masterpiece. I have to admit that I’m a bit intimidated.

After all, writing is a creative, often solitary work. Marketing means connecting with a larger network of people, bringing the work you’ve created to a larger public. The latter doesn’t sound at all like what I enjoy doing. But I am willing to try. Here are a few tips for getting the word out about your book.

Start Your Marketing Before You Write the Book

Self-publishers—especially nonfiction authors—give themselves the best chance of success by focusing on how they will market the book before they write it. Why? How your book addresses the basic question of the readers you hope to sell it to will be crucial in how well it’s received in the market.

Book Reviews for Book Marketing

The first form of marketing most self-publishers explore is book reviews. Since a review is editorial content, it’s much more persuasive for most readers than advertising or promotional copy.

Online Marketing for Self-Publishers

The biggest challenge for new self-publishers is understanding the kind of marketing effort it’s going to take to get the word out about their book. But the internet has created an environment in which we can compete on a much more level playing field.

Being savvy about how to create interest, traffic and sales online takes skills and work to find out how the pieces fit together. Building an author platform, using social media, and the distribution options you’ve made for your book will all come into play.