Twitter continues to elude me, but each day I am learning more about how to use it. One day, I hope to manage my account with lots of followers and feel comfortable marketing my books. One article that helped me understand is by a guy named Dan Zarrella of HubSpot. He conducted research to help determine the science of tweeting. He packaged this research into this easy infographic. I’ve also included some tips of how compose the perfect tweet.

Observe The Magic Retweet Number. Currently, the magic retweet number stands at twenty. Which means your copy, plus link, should ideally be 120 characters or less. This leaves 20 blank characters – plenty of room for others to retweet your message.

Include links. Tweets that included a link were three times more prevalent in retweets than those without.

Opt for timely news. Zarrella found that tweets mentioning news were the most shared.

Share tech news (or maybe mention a celebrity). This won’t apply to everyone with a Twitter account, but the researchers at UCLA and HP Labs said tweets about tech news were the most shared.

Use “you” instead of “I.” Specific words can spark retweets, Zarrella deduced. Among the words most commonly found in heavily shared tweets are “you,” “Twitter,” “please,” “retweet,” “post,” and “check out.” Another term found often in these tweets is “please retweet.”