Twitter has established itself as the ultimate platform for sharing and exchanging linked content. For bloggers and other sites, Twitter has surpassed Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Reddit.  Twitter is only rivaled by Facebook as the most effective way to build website traffic through social marketing.

For me, the whole Twitter phenomenon is lost because it happens so fast, fast, fast. Still, I have a Twitter account and I post. On the other hand, I have no idea what I am doing and feel like I need to go to Twitter school.

It’s easy to make mistakes that can leave your tweet all but ignored. Continue making those errors, and Twitter will be about as beneficial to your brand and website as a badly drawn flyer at your local community center. And while it’s perfectly acceptable to link to your own content, if you over-sell it, you’re very quickly going to be overlooked. Worse, it won’t be too long before you’re labelled as nothing more than a spammer. Yikes! I figure this is the category where my tweets reside, so I’m on a mission to compose the perfect tweets.

So I did some research on composing the perfect tweet. I found that only two things really count when striving for the perfect tweet:

  1. Maximum readability
  2. Maximum retweetability

Here are several other tips on how to achieve the perfect tweet.

1. Think Like Your Readers

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s easily overlooked. For your tweet to be perfect, it needs to appeal most to your readers.

You have to take the time to craft your tweet accurately, ensuring that it will be appeal to the highest number of readers. I am in the middle of self-publishing a book and will use this as an example.

Target audience: moms and dads of first and second grade boys who have their children in private school settings. 

2. Use Consistent Excellence To Stand Out From The Crowd

Take a moment to peruse your Twitter feed. Refresh the page. Who stands out? Why?

Through prolonged Twitter use we all become tuned into paying attention to certain things, most notably the avatars and usernames of our favourite profiles.

Conversely, there are many times when we suddenly notice the tweet of somebody we’ve only recently started following, or have previously not paid much attention to, because it was excellent.


Ricky Robinson must be brave as he heads off to Braveheart Christian Academy. Find out what happens to Ricky on his first day at school. or

Is Ricky Robinson ready for his first day of school at Braveheart Christian Academy?

3. Sell The Headline

People need a really good reason to click on your link. Remember, at any given time the reader is faced with a number of choices to make. There might be as many as a dozen different tweets on their screen.

And things move fast – one or two refreshes later, and you could be long gone.

So, even if you’ve been consistently excellent for tweet after tweet and dear reader comes straight to you, your job is not done. They still need a reason to click, which means your tweet has to sell the link.

Learn the difference between selling the link and selling the content. The content is what will sell your product or idea.

It’s worth noting that superbly written headline copy can often generate immediate retweets, even if it’s obvious the other party didn’t actually read the content.

A word on linking to website content that is not your own. Don’t be afraid to rewrite the headlines of others. Most of the time these are formatted to appease a single platform or marketplace, and won’t work as well on Twitter.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic. Add some tips that you know on how to compose the perfect tweet.