The internet is becoming the preferred way to get news, books, and information. TV is losing viewers and print newspapers are losing readers. There are countless opportunities in online publishing too.

There are now 100 million blogs being used for personal writing, web marketing and more. Getting a blog published is easy. The hard part is getting readers as we bloggers all know. Making a blog stand out among 100 million others takes dedication and creativity. It may seem like every idea is already taken, but there are still plenty of blogging niches to be filled.

The purpose of my blog is to attract children’s book readers. I still haven’t realized my dream of self-publishing, but I get closer every day. My question today is what should I do better to attract more traffic to my blog. This is the question every blogger wants answered. I want parents, bloggers, and readers who are enthused about children’s books to come to my site.

Share a possible solution to this question. Tell how you attract readers to your site.