It’s been almost seven years since Amazon acquired CreateSpace, an on-demand publishing platform, and almost five years since they announced the free online setup for self-publishing.

Print-on-demand publishing is the fastest, most profitable, and easiest way to get your written thoughts out there. Today, self-published books are even distributed to traditional outlets like Barnes & Noble and academic libraries. Most people searching Amazon or shopping the book shelves don’t even think to question whether the book was self-published or printed by a publishing company.

Self-publishing means you don’t get the marketing resources that come with a traditional publishing deal. But in our world of social media, that can be easily fixed. If self-publishing is so easy, why don’t we see more authors using it? Most people are simply not aware of the low barrier to entry.  I didn’t even realize how easy it was to publish a book, until I wrote one. Now, I stand hours away from putting my book out there. I’m almost there.

Honestly, I wish I had another book in ready form.

After evaluating the options, I chose CreateSpace. It met my needs the best, but evaluate your own options and decide.