I don’t usually do book reviews on my blog, but I simply must tell you about this book that I’m reading.

Although this book is not children’s fiction, it is about a boy.

The Alchemist is a novel by Paulo Coelho first published in 1988. Originally written in Portuguese, it has been translated into 71 languages. An allegorical novel, The Alchemist follows a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago in his journey to Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding treasure there.

The book has gone on to becoming an international bestseller. It has sold more than 65 million copies in more than 160 countries, becoming one of the best-selling books in history and winning the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.

The Alchemist follows the journey of an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago. Santiago, believing a recurring dream to be prophetic, decides to travel to a gypsy in a nearby town to discover its meaning. She tells him that there is a treasure in the Pyramids in Egypt.

Early into his journey, he meets an old king, Melchizedek, who tells him to sell his sheep to travel to Egypt, and his Personal Legend: what he always wanted to accomplish in his life. And that “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” This is the core philosophy and motto of the book.

I won’t spoil the book, but suffice to say, the author transports you to another world with his vivid descriptions and narrative style.

Read it.