I’m sure all of you have heard of Seth Godin. He’s a NY Times Bestselling book author and he is self-published. He has become such a popular author that he has taken on the traditional publishing field redefining the rules. He uses a variety of advertising tools like YouTube and his web-site to market his books. This may not be news to you, but it is worth considering if you are in the process of publishing a book.

In this video, Joanna Penn explains what this means to authors like us.

  • What it means to you: Indie (independent) publishing is becoming more acceptable to the mainstream publishing world.
  • Seth made this move because he can market direct to his customers and global fan-base from his blog to his books and his ideas worldwide. He has been blogging every day for years. This makes it very clear that authors need to build their platform regardless of whether they want a publishing deal or to go indie.