A dream came true on the path to gold.

Italy's Michele Frangilli (C) celebrates after receiving his gold medal during the men's archery victory ceremony at the Lords Cricket Ground during the London 2012 Olympics Games July 28, 2012. REUTERS/Suhaib SalemMichele Frangilli’s final shot earned Italy the Olympic archery team gold medal at Lord’s Cricket Ground, denying the United States. This according to Rueters.

“The Americans, led by world number one Brady Ellison, had the gold within their grasp as Frangilli stepped to the line needing a perfect 10 to win.

With the wind swirling round the historic Lord’s stadium and 4,000 fans holding their breath, the Italian rock took the pressure on his broad shoulders, let the seconds tick down, then loosed his arrow at the target 70 meters away.

A hush. A whirr. A thud. A roar.”Michele-Frangilli - London 2012 Olympics: Michele Frangilli’s golden shot gives Italy victory as Great Britain's team hopes fade

“This is a dream come true. With the last arrow, hitting a 10, it was a dream,” said Frangilli, who broke down in tears with the gold medal around his neck.

“I knew I had to score 10 .. There was the noise of the crowd and I felt the pressure so I tried to just empty my mind.

“The arrow flew, it flew straight, I saw it flying straight into the 10. My shot was clean.”

With this imagery in mind, what goals are you trying to meet in your writing quests?

You may be trying to finish a draft of a novel. Maybe you’re working on getting a short story published.

One of my goals this summer is to get a children’s fiction chapter book published through CreateSpace. This goal is attainable, but it is proving to take a lot more effort than I thought. My hope is that once the book is published, I will be able to get a few kids to read it. Possibly, I need to aim higher.

Level of expectation is crucial when setting goals. I’m sure Michele Frangilli always hoped for a gold medal. Maybe I should aim for gold too.