Let the games begin!

With the London Olympic Games upon us, the writer begins to think about analogies like the writing Olympics.

We all know that writing is not a sprint but a marathon. There are hurdles to jump over when writing through your manuscript. Then once you finish a draft, every writer has to take a plunge into editing. Publishing your work comes next. You need the skill of an archer to accomplish this task. Hitting that bulls-eye can take lots of practice. Most authors never hit the mark.

The preparation needed to become a Book Olympian or a published author takes a certain kind of dedication. Olympic athletes are familiar with this type of effort.

I’m not suggesting the physicality of writing is anything like that required by Olympians – but authors too have daily routines. Those routines can be just as lonely, tedious and draining as those experienced by their muscular counterparts.

And let’s not forget that writing takes practice. To become an accomplished writer, you must write for hours every day.

So in the spirit of the Olympics, I say, “Let the games begin”.

Writing as a Marathon: This is not a sprint. Your goal is not to rush through this event at high speeds but rather take it at your own pace.

Editing Hurdles: On one of your editing passes, you’ll must clear the hurdles in your writing and make the story flow. You might stumble, but no one’s first round is perfect.

Publishing Targets: Whether you’re taking a shot at agents, self-publishing, or sending in query letters — remember, the rounds expended on making a winning pitch rarely hit the bull’s-eye.

But don’t give up. All the effort will reap rewards. The book you are writing may never get published, but chances are that your manuscript will lead you toward the a writing project that will help you win the gold some day.