When you think of voice, I’m sure you think of personality.
Personality is the second aspect of voice.
Personality: A good voice has a personality of its own, even when the novel is written in third person. There’s an outlook that is expressed in an author’s voice. Authors have a unique way of seeing the world and choosing which details to focus on and highlight. Think of how CATCH-22 captured the absurdity of WW-II by boiling down irrational rules and presenting them at face value. There’s a tone to a good voice, whether it’s magical (J.K. Rowling) or slightly sinister (Roald Dahl).

With an emphasis on voice, what are some of your favorite author’s? Two children’s authors that come to mind are Jeff Kinney who wrote Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dav Pilkey who wrote Captain Underpants. Although you would call the humor silly and childish, these authors do know how to make kids laugh. Believe me, they have studied the rules of humor in writing.

Who are the authors you admire that have a great literary voice?