Libraries are a great place to do so many activities.

I actually go to libraries a lot. As a writer, I find just being around stories and books tends to inspire me. Whether I am checking out books to read or books on CD — or researching writing topics, libraries provide a great atmosphere. Everything from finding a quiet place to study to getting Wi-Fi access.

Here is a top 20 list of things to do at a library. Take a look at my list and add a few of the things you do at the library near you.

  1. ResearchDo college level research, accessing thousands of full text articles online.
  2. Get research help from the research experts–librarians!
  3. Check your email.
  4. Play chess, backgammon or put a puzzle together.
  5. Browse the Internet.
  6. Get Wi-Fi access.
  7. Read eBooksRead thousands of eBooks online. 
  8. Find a quiet place to study in our study rooms, our large tables where you can spread out.
  9. Check out, renew or return books.
  10. Listen to audio on any of our computers–headphones are available on each computer–or bring your own.
  11. Make copies.
  12. Work on your paper or other class projects using MS Office on library computers.
  13. Read books from our Spanish language collection.
  14. PrintPrint out documents.
  15. Read magazines and newspapers.
  16. Relax in our lounge area near the main entrance.
  17. Read a bestseller.
  18. Check out media materials (math tapes, and materials of general interest).
  19. Read a paperback. Our paperback collection includes a variety of books, including mysteries, romances and classics.
  20. Drink a latte.