Writer’s block is a problem most writers experience. Today, we continue discussing why writers get blocked in finishing their manuscripts. This particular area is the one that gives me the most struggles. Many writers like myself get blocked because of plotting. Here are some common problems.

6. The author loses track of where the story is going and allows that to discourage him/her.Don’t worry about it, just keep writing. It’s okay if your first draft has rough transitions or plot elements that are neglected. It’s much easier to deal with those when you have the full draft in front of you.
7. The author writes out of sequence and gets horribly discouraged when the story fragments turn into an incoherent wreck. I’d recommend writing chapter one and then chapter two and then chapter three and only skipping around as a last resort.8. There are too few goals, obstacles, character growth and/or consequences to propel the story past writer’s block.  Writer’s block happens to all of us. In some cases, I like to write myself into an obstacle, but when a story comes to a dead halt, it can get frustrating.As I write this post, I am dealing with some intense plotting issues and writer’s block. Part of overcoming these problems is knowing how to handle them. At times, however, I simply pull back from the manuscript. I write a lot so I find it is better to take a walk and get some air rather than push myself into more frustration.