I recently read a post by Nathan Bransford called Ten Commandments for the Happy Writer. I can totally relate to these tips since I’ve been writing all summer long. I have to be honest, if you get your eyes off of your goals, it is easy to get discouraged. My goals of course include writing children’s book and getting those books published. Nathan Bransford offers some encouragement and focus for writers like me. Here are a few of the tips or commandments.

Let’s start with number 10. That’s my favorite.

10. Keep writing. Didn’t find an agent? Keep writing. Book didn’t sell? Keep writing. Book sold? Keep writing. An asteroid is going to crash into Earth and enshroud the planet in ten feet of ash? Keep writing. People will need something to read in the resulting permanent winter.

The next tip is a classic. I struggle with this one even though I am in a critique group and I blog.

7. Reach out to fellow writers. No one knows how hard it is to write other than other people who have tried to do it themselves. Their company is golden. If you’re reading this it means you have an Internet connection. Reach out and touch a writer. And plus, the Internet allows you to reach out to writers without smelling anyone’s coffee breath.

How fun is number one? So true!

1. Enjoy the present. Writers are dreamers, and dreamers tend to daydream about the future while concocting wildly optimistic scenarios that involve bestsellerdom, riches, and interviews with Ryan Seacrest. In doing so they forget to enjoy the present. I call this the “if only” game. You know how it goes: if only I could find an agent, then I’ll be happy. When you have an agent, then it becomes: if only I could get published,then I’ll be happy. And so on. The only way to stay sane in the business is to enjoy every step as you’re actually experiencing it. Happiness is not around the bend. It’s found in the present. Because writing is pretty great — otherwise why are you doing it?